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Wedding in Mexico packages 2017: symbolic or/and official Mexican weddings


Wedding in Mexico

If you want your wedding to become a truly special event with a bit of romance, some exotics and a lot of sun, then you should definitely think of arranging your wedding ceremony in Mexico. This country can offer unbelievable sandy beaches with breathtaking views, comfortable sunny climate, and exotic atmosphere of ancient monuments. These are some of the reasons why more and more couples all over the world decide to hold their weddings in Mexico.

Travel Service Wedding will help you to arrange your perfect wedding in Mexico. Packages we offer include everything you might need to remember your wedding ceremony for the rest of your life.


Why should you let us take care of your wedding in Mexico?

  • The variety of locations for a wedding ceremony. We offer lots of different options which include one the best beaches in the world – and your wedding ceremony location does not depend on the location of your hotel. Our comfortable transport will take you to any place you choose with maximum comfort.
  • Stylish and original design. Each official or symbolic wedding in Mexico is individual. We use unusual and customized requisites and original accessories – our wedding planner will make sure every small detail will look exactly how you want it to. For example, instead of an ordinary wedding ring cushion you can choose to use a vintage casket, a forest moss, cactus, or even a sea shell!
  • Professional wedding photographer in Mexico. Our photographers have years of experience and high-end equipment. Their unique photos and videos will capture your pleasant memories for years.

Your dream wedding in Mexico is our job

Travel Service Wedding is happy to offer you one of the best wedding packages in Mexico on the market. Dozens of happy couples have already experienced the high quality of our services –check out our portfolio to make sure we do our job with passion and professionalism.

Mayan secrets

Mystical ceremony takes place in dense selva in accordance with ancient traditions and customs. It involves a real shaman, dressed in traditional clothes and talking in the ancient language of the Maya. The mysterious atmosphere will allow you to touch the secrets of Mexican land.

The Mayan wedding in Mexico is a ritual during which the shaman calls on God and the Hunab Ku, as well as all the Higher Powers, to bless the marriage and fill the life of the couple with Love and Harmony. After the ceremony, the newlyweds will have a romantic dinner surrounded by lights on the Caribbean shore.

The planner will do everything possible to make the wedding ceremony memorable for a lifetime:

  • The rite will be conducted by a shaman, who received strength and unusual abilities from several generations of ancestors.
  • The mysterious atmosphere will be enhanced by the ancient Indian altar, decorated with flower petals and exotic fruits, the snake of the copal is the natural essence of Maya, “Balice” is a magical drink, music that simulates the sounds of nature.
  • They will help create a sensation of a boutonniere feast on the groom’s jacket, a beautiful wreath on the bride’s head and a wedding bouquet.
  • At the request of the couple (for an additional fee), a ritual “Temascal” will be held – a rite in an Indian bath, during which the soul is purified along with the body.

Tulum secret hideaway

This wedding ceremony in Mexico will take place on a two-mile long beach, one of (!) the best on the planet. Nearby there is a wild selva, hiding neat little houses with terraces in rustic style, covered with palm leaves. Here you can fully experience your oneness with nature and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of happiness and love. You wil surely have a festive mood and the feeling of magic romantic dinner in a restaurant, located on a rocky slope and allowing you to enjoy a delightful view of the Caribbean Sea.

An obligatory part of the wedding ceremony are accessories:

  • A bamboo arch lined with a soft cloth;
  • Boutonniere and beautifully decorated wedding bouquet;
  • The ceremony of sand, during which the union of souls takes place;
  • Festively decorated glasses and a bottle of champagne;
  • Musical accompaniment using a stereo system;
  • Services of the coordinator and photographer;
  • Official or symbolic wedding certificate;
  • Travel to the location and back.


In this case, the wedding ceremony in Mexico will take place in a completely private area, which contributes to complete solitude. There is everything for an unrivaled photo and video shooting: an emerald sea with crystal clear water, stones of unusual shape and snow-white sand, a picturesque lake and original fences.

Also newlyweds are provided with:

  • Arch of natural wood, lined with beautiful cloth;
  • Boutonniere and wedding bouquet;
  • Decorated with live flowers glasses and champagne;
  • Wedding certificate;
  • photographers Service;
  • Travel to the place of registration of marriage and back.


The exchange of vows and the ceremony of unity of souls will take place in a small secluded beach restaurant.

In this case, the cost of the wedding ceremony in Mexico includes:

  • Wedding arch of unusual shape;
  • Boutonniere and the original decorated bouquet of the bride;
  • Wedding certificate;
  • Travel to the location and back;
  • Lunch with lobster and other seafood;
  • Unlimited number of drinks during the meal.


The official wedding in Mexico will be accompanied by Mexican folk music – the songs of Maryachi, which will sing only for you. The first dance on snow-white sand under melodic sounds will be remembered for life.

One version claims that “mariachi” is a distorted French “mariage”, which translates as “wedding”. There is no need for artificial scenery, as the scenery will be served by the surrounding landscape, bewitching with a fairy-tale beauty.


Travel Service Wedding can offer you different wedding packages in Mexico depending on your budget and personal preferences. Each package includes various options, themes and locations so you can always find the one that fits your requests. The most popular packages are:

  • Mayan secrets
  • Tulum secret hideaway
  • Luxury
  • Romance
  • Mariachi

Each package can be adjusted according to your needs and budget. Don’t hesitate to contact us in order to know more about the prices and other details concerning wedding packages you like.


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